The State Of Investments In Europe: A Review Of The Last 5 Years


Editor’s note: Christian Hernandez is a managing partner of White Star Capital and Stephen Piron is co-founder of data-analytics firm BrightSun. The data for this post was compiled from multiple channels through the BrightSun startup discovery tool.

A lot has been written in the last few years on the evolution of the technology ecosystem in Europe, including Christian’s own bullish stance on Europe, Stephen’s piece on the explosion of seed funds in the region, and articles touting London and Berlin as the two local leading startup hubs.

Our intent with this analysis was to use data to determine the challenges and opportunities surrounding the European entrepreneurial ecosystem. European companies raise smaller rounds at each stage versus their U.S. counterparts and make that funding last as much as eight months longer before securing the next one. A clear funding gap remains in Europe at the Series A stage and there is a…

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