Gracenote Acquires Australian Metadata Provider HWW for $19 Million


Another day, another Gracenote acquisition. The Tribune-owned entertainment information company has bought yet another metadata provider — this time Australia’s HWW for $19 million USD. The purchase is designed to extend Gracenote’s reach into an international while also providing it with ever-more TV and movie data to feed back into its database.

HWW is a 40-year old company that has a large number of customers in the Australian market, providing metadata and channel data to TV providers like Foxtel and Telstra, as well as international consumer electronics companies like Samsung. The company has a database of millions of TV programs and movies, as well as guide data for 700 channels.

For Gracenote, mo’ data is mo’ better, and having Aussie-specific metadata will help support its broader international business. Meanwhile, it gets the added benefit of customers in the Australian market that it just didn’t reach before.

If that sounds familiar…

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