LinkedIn Publishing Platform Now Accessible To 230 Million Members In All English-Speaking Countries


Early last year, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to all members, initially arriving for a selection of English-language speakers on the network. Previously, access to the blogging platform had been limited to a small, editorially selected group of “Influencers” like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Today, the company says that it has reached one million posts, and now, it’s expanding access to all members in English-speaking countries. The expansion means that 230 million English speakers are able to publish on LinkedIn going forward.

This expansion has been in the works for some time. It’s been nearly a year since LinkedIn made the move to open up the ability to publish beyond its carefully selected “influencers.” And initially, the platform was only open to some 25,000 English-speaking users while access slowly rolled out to the rest of the U.S.

In the time since, LinkedIn members have been publishing over…

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