ResearchKit An “Enormous Opportunity” For Science, Says Breast Cancer Charity


This week Apple bundled a big announcement inside it’s long awaited Apple Watch ‘Spring Forward’ event. Namely the launch of ResearchKit: an iOS software framework that lets people, currently U.S.-based only, volunteer to join medical research studies. This is arguably a lot more interesting than expensive, Internet-connected wrist wear.

While the question of what problem the Apple Watch specifically fixes continues to preoccupy commenters, ResearchKit’s raison d’être is clear: medical research needs data, and iPhones offer the promise of a populous pipeline that can get more data flowing to the scientific community.

The first group of apps developed using ResearchKit — and announced on stage at Apple’s event — are for studies on asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

ResearchKit is open source. Apple says it intends to release the framework next month, allowing researchers to contribute to specific activity modules, such as memory or gait testing within the framework, and share them with the global research…

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