Gone, The App For Selling Your Old Crap, Taps UPS To Go Nationwide Instantly


Gone, a service that launched out of Austin to help your sell your old crap, has today announced a partnership with UPS that will allow the company to rapidly scale nationwide.

Gone traditionally works by letting users snap pictures of their old gear, which is then automatically priced, picked up same-day by a Gone helper, packaged, and either shipped to a buyer or sent over to Gone to re-sell for later. A few days later, a paycheck arrives in the mail to the original seller.

With the UPS partnership, Gone is introducing Gone Lite, which automatically ships users the packaging materials necessary for them to send off the item themselves, either through a home pick-up from UPS or by dropping it off at a local UPS branch.

The most helpful thing about Gone is that the app automatically lists a reasonable price for the seller and ensures no back-and-forth between…

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