Netflix Moves Into Original Feature Films, Starting This October


Netflix is ready to become a home for feature films, giving the industry a new outlet for movie production in an era of declining ticket sales – a trend that has led to a large influx of what studios’ believe will be sure-fire hits, like remakes and sequels. The first film out of the gate is indicative of the kind of film that could potentially be a critical favorite, but may not have otherwise seen mainstream success. With Cary Fukunaga’s (“True Detective”) “Beasts of No Nation,” releasing on October 16 on Netflix, and starring Idris Elba, the film tells the story of a child soldier torn from his family during a civil war in an African nation.

Based on a book by Nigerian author Uzodinma Iweala, the film will also be released to select U.S. theaters on the same day it appears on Netflix, allowing it to qualify for industry awards. For movies like this where…

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