India’s Snapdeal, Intex Seek An Android Alternative


Finnish smartphone startup Jolla has inked the first licensing deal for its Android alternative Sailfish OS, some three years after starting out on a grand plan to save the open-source mobile platform Nokia was abandoning in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Today Jolla has announced that India’s OEM, Intex, which it says is the country’s second largest mobile maker (after Micromax), will be bringing “Sailfish OS based products to the market later in 2015”. According to The Indian Express, Intex will be launching a 4G smartphone running Sailfish called the Intex Aqua Fish this September, priced at around Rs 15,000 ($240)Update: According to Jolla, the price-point for the forthcoming handset will be less than Rs 10,000 ($150).

Last week Jolla announced it is stepping away from making handsets itself, as Jolla Ltd, to fully focus its efforts on developing its Sailfish software — and on that OS licensing business. Competing directly with your OS licensing customers didn’t, after all, work out too well…

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